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3 juin 2014

Training of Eurotrainers – a step forward in TOT

The training of Eurotrainers is part of the ETUI’s core ‘training of trainers’ (TOT) provision delivered every year. Its purpose is to develop the individual teaching skills of trainers from member organisations as an investment in the future of these organisations’ teaching strategies.

The training aims to extend the scope of the learning programmes beyond the national level and to give them a European dimension, setting the priority on a European trade union identity and greater visibility for the ETUC and the ETUI, in line with current and future needs. This learning itinerary is accordingly addressed to trainers who have completed a national basic training programme and gained experience of union training accredited by their organisation.

After completion of the ETT1 level, participants proceed with their work as trainers delivering training at the national level. They are also invited by the ETUI education department to attend pedagogical workshops and sometimes to be part of a trainers’ team delivering training at the European level. Finally, after a year or eighteen months have elapsed since their ETT1 training, participants attend the final ETT2 training week in the course of which they have to go through all the phases of the learning management cycle: training design, conception and preparation phase, delivery and assessment. It is a very intensive course, during which several skills and areas of knowledge are put into practice in a multicultural environment, given that the working groups are also multicultural.

This itinerary enables a bridging of the distance between training practices at the national and the European levels, thereby helping to strengthen our Trade union capacity to shape training to the needs of our members.

The Eurotrainer, therefore, is a trade unionist who has been trained within her/his own organisation and who wishes to put her/his abilities and training approaches into practice in an intercultural context.

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