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Appels d'offres

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Vous pouvez rester informés de toutes nos activités, publications, événements, appels d'offres et nouveaux postes vacants en nous suivant sur Twitter et en vous inscrivant à la newsletter de l'ETUI.

For the projects ETUI strategic foresight and scenarios

Ref ETUI 01-2020

Designing and facilitating scenarios and roadmapping for an internal strategic foresight project

1. Purpose of the contract

Given the its internal and forward-looking internal work priorities, the ETUI Foresight Unit is carrying out an internal strategic foresight project using traditional, yet innovative foresight methodologies and future oriented analysis. Started in 2017, the project looked at the stakeholders around it; analysed the internal and external factors surrounding its environment and derived internal challenges to explore ETUI’s futures.

To continue with the project, the next phases will use the analysed data in order to carry out scenarios and put them in a roadmap that projects ETUI long-term vision.  ETUI will contract external experts, designers and facilitators who can assist to design an ad-hoc scenario process, as well as the roadmapping or backcasting exercise and facilitate them in collaboration with the principal researcher.

2. Expertise required

The potential candidates must demonstrate, in their tender, manifest expertise on foresight methodologies and analysis, and practical experience in designing and facilitating scenario workshops. A proven track record in the form of examples of previous expertise in the context of foresight with non-profit organisations. The candidates must prove their ability to design and produce scenarios and roadmapping workshops.

3. Description of tasks to be performed by the contractor

The contractor is expected to deliver, in English, a description of the following:

Description Delivered by (the final dates will be discussed upon the signature of the contract)
PART 1  

Design of a scenario workshop 2- full day in close collaboration with the principal researcher. Design and prepare visual materials for facilitation.

Design a road mapping workshop or maximum 2 full day in close collaboration with the principal researcher and prepare visual materials for facilitation.


March 25, 2020
PART 2  

Facilitate the scenarios workshop using reliable, yet innovative and visually attractive methodologies that can help extracting a large number of innovative ideas from participants.


Pre-empting risk with regards to the facilitation of the group and be prepared to manage them.


Collect key drivers and uncertainties key for ETUI foresight project. In close collaboration with the principal researcher provide a summary of the final scenarios.


June 2020
PART 3  

Facilitate a collaborative roadmap workshop using reliable yet innovative and visually attractive methodologies, in order to develop actions for ETUI’s visioning. Including the construction of a timeline. This should be done in a way that helps extracting a large number of innovative ideas from participants.


Design the means to present the outcome so that they can be: (a) operationalised by top management or translated into action plans, (b) communicated to ETUI staff in a shared vision, and (c) communicated to external communities or stakeholders.


Late autumn 2020. End of October/ November

The contractor will be expected to take into account previous work prepared by ETUI This work should also be a springboard for future activities, ensuring that the results have the impact they deserve.

Target group needs:

The contractor must ensure that the expertise delivered is accessible to non-experts and allows the workshop participants to freely contribute.  Content should be as close to reality of the participants as possible.

The facilitation of the workshops must be delivered in a way that allows the participants to make an active contribution to the ETUI strategic foresight process.  The use of the methodologies should be innovative yet trusted.

4. Selection criteria

The contract will be awarded to the tenderers whose tender best corresponds to the required expertise and requested tasks described in this tender.

The quality of the bids will be assessed by considering:

-      Signed declaration of honour (Annex 1);
-      Bidder’s expertise in foresight design;
-      Bidder’s expertise in innovative methods;
-      Bidders record of previously delivered expertise in foresight projects in relation to the task described;
-      Quality of previous work or services rendered.  

5. Inspection

The tenderer agrees to any inspections and/or audits that the European Commission, as part of any project, might wish to carry out pursuant to the financial regulations in force at the Commission, subject to the same conditions that apply to the direct beneficiaries of the relevant financial agreement with the Commission.

6. Type of contract, duration and value of the tender

The ETUI plans to conclude a contract with the successful bidder and award separate contracts for specific assignments ordered during the period from 1st March 2020 to 31st March 2021.

The overall value of the tender is maximum 24,000 EUR (VAT inclusive). The price includes the work performed by the bidder (as well as the cost of any external help required) to complete the tasks listed in section 3 of the tender. However, travel and eventual accommodation expenses linked to the workshops specified will be reimbursed upon presentation of the reimbursement form according to ETUI policy.

Expert fees are determined for each specific assignment (depending on the length of the assignment and preparation required) in line with ETUI’s established daily expert rate of 500 EUR, all taxes and charges included.
In accordance with its needs, the ETUI shall draw up multiple contracts with multiple bidders, if there is a sufficient number of admissible tenders which meet the award criteria.

7. Copyright

ETUI will be full proprietor of copyrights to the results produced within frames of this contract. This means its content and any data collected to complete the tasks as specified in section 3 of the tender can be used for any publication or other ETUI purposes.

8. Invoicing

The contractor(s) shall accept responsibility for any legal obligations entailed by the contract and is(/are) required to submit in his/her(/their) country of origin the requisite tax statements relating to the services supplied.
Value added tax, where applicable, shall be shown separately on all invoices as a net extra charge. All other taxes, levies and expenses shall be borne by the contractor and shall not be included in the relevant invoices.

9. Jurisdiction

The Brussels courts shall have sole jurisdiction for any litigation relating to this contract, which shall be governed by Belgian law.

10.   Deadline for the submission of tenders:
Candidates should send their bid by email to Aída Ponce Del Castillo, Senior Researcher at the ETUI Foresight Unit ( by 20th February 2020 at the latest.

11.   Contact

For any questions related to the contents of this tender please contact Aída Ponce Del Castillo ( directly.

For ETUI Terms and Conditions download the full call for tender - pdf