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Appels d'offres

Call for Tender Ref. N° 2019 ETUI 08

Website Development and Support
25 June 2019

download the full call for tender in PDF

Deadline for submission:  25 August 2019 17:00

The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) is procuring a supplier for a Framework Agreement of ETUI’s websites ( and sub-websites, which includes:

  1. Website development/redesign of the main ETUI website and integration of the following sub-websites:
    1. worker’s participation;
    2. EWC training;
    3. EWCdb;
    4. European Social Dialogue database;
    5. ECDd
  2. Website support, service and maintenance
  3. Hosting (optional)

The overall objective is to modernise the ETUI website ( to make it more accessible and user-friendly for any visitor and to provide connectivity with the current or future services and products of ETUI. This objective can be achieved by offering a redesign, UX principles, new functionalities and a technical update.


  • Inform ETUI audiences of the various online products and services provided by the institute;
  • One back-office for all websites to generate coherence and economies in terms of website management, hosting (optional), development, administration and editing;
  • Adopt and develop a user-based perspective: communicate clearly and in structured manner main activities of the ETUI and provide accessibility to wide-ranging (often very specific and specialised) contents. Provide space for dissemination of ETUI’s unique datasets and various contents (presentations, infographics, videos, visual content);
  • Increase in unique visitors and in page views per visitor as well as reduce the bounce rate;
  • Increase traffic from other websites and social media accounts;
  • Increase web inquiries for training courses;
  • Greater rate of citations and more paper downloads;
  • More retweeting and re-posting of blogs or other contents;
  • In general, increasing the reputation and visibility of the ETUI including visual rebranding of online services.

Content of Tenders

The official language for the proposal, contract, reports, and any other documents is English

Procurement Procedure
Submission of Tender Offers
The tender offer is to:

  • Be submitted in English in one (1) electronic version
  • Include all relevant individual/company names, address, contact persons and e-mail address, VAT-number (or other relevant tax registration number)
  • Be signed by an authorised representative of the bidder
  • Be submitted as a PDF file by email with the subject Tender for a Framework Agreement for ETUI’s Website to the following address:
  • Be marked as confidential
  • Specify an e-mail address of the supplier to which requests for clarifications may be sent

Closing Date for Submission of Tenders

Final date for receipt of tenders is 17:00 on 25 August 2019. Tenders received after the final date of receipt of tenders will be disregarded. ETUI may extend the final date for any reason, including requests from invited bidders to do so.

The offer outlined in the tender is to be valid for a minimum period of 90 calendar days after the closing date. If necessary, ETUI may ask for the bidder’s agreement to an extension of the period of validity in writing.

Tender Evaluation

Exclusion and Qualification Criteria
First, ETUI will examine the tenders to determine whether they are complete, the documents have been properly signed, and the requirements have been addressed. A tender may be rejected if the tender is incomplete, not signed, or fails to address the
requirements or if the tender price exceeds the indicative budget ceiling (if any). The annexed declaration of honor is an integral part of this tender application. Without a signed Annex, the bidder won’t be eligible for selection.

Evaluation Criteria
Quality of proposed solutions and ability to meet the Terms of Reference (e.g., similar assignments, approach, etc.) 60%
Cost 25%
Service Level Agreements 10%
References 5%

GDPR clause
The candidate / tenderer is required to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the processing, data security and data protection of data subjects when personal data are involved in the data protection in the framework of a future contract or intention to conclude a contract.
Further information on how the ETUI handles personal data and contact details is available on the privacy notice on the ETUI website at

Brexit Clause
“Special termination clause in relation to potential United Kingdom bidders prior to its withdrawal from the Union”
At the time of establishing this call for tenders the procurement procedure requires that the contracting party be established in an EU Member State.
At the time of publication of this call for tenders (June 2019), contracts with UK bidders are still authorised, provided the services they offer are in ETUI’s interests. Should the situation change due to the uncertainties of Brexit, legal repercussions following possible withdrawal may prevent the contract in continuing to be effective beyond the date that the United Kingdom leaves the Union. Therefore, the ETUI may be obliged to terminate the contract in line with the duration of contract.

Estimated timetable
Submit proposal to: by 25 August 2019
Selecting supplier by : 16 September 2019
Signing Contract: by 01 October 2019

See : Annex download this call for tender in PDF

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • Question: If we have questions, could we contact you ?
    Answer: All questions regarding this tender will only be processed in written, may we kindly ask you to send them to us by email and we will get back to you asap !
  • Question: The tender suggests a date by which the contract should start (1st October 2019) but does not mention an desired date for the launch of the new migrated websites.
    Answer: Desired date for the launch of the new migrated website: March 2020
  • Question: We would like to know if ETUI is willing to launch websites in stages or is looking for a one-phase replacement of every websites mentioned.
    Answer: Preferred option is one-phase replacement of every websites mentioned
  • Question: Can you give an indicative budget for a tender which can be useful to plan the possible resources to dedicate to this project ?
    Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to give you more details about this question.
  • Question: The tender mentions that support should be included in the proposal but doesn't not indicate a timeframe for the support.
  • Answer: 12 months (renewable)
  • Question: What are the main reasons for redesign of the current website, apart from outdated layout and the need for centralised CMS solution to manage multiple websites?
  • Answer: outdated layout, centralised CMS for multiple websites are indeed key elements for redesign but we can also mention the need to integrate CiviCRM, a more structured way of classifying products and services (publications, trainings, events, databases), increase impacts on target groups,…
  • Question: Please list the top problems of your existing website
  • Answer: that’s the job we are asking you to do as expert in webdesign and support and fix those problems in cooperation with our staff
  • Question: Which aspects of the current platform you like and would like to keep in future?
  • Answer: the relevant content to keep and transfer will be selected in cooperation with our staff
  • Question: Can you provide an example of a website which you really like and which meets ETUI expectations?
  • Answer: We have some examples in mind which are meeting most of our expectations but we cannot share them at this stage of the procedure.
  • Question: Do you have an online marketing strategy, or content strategy? If not, should development of such strategy be a part of website's revamp?
  • Answer: We have a dissemination strategy for contents and our team will be involved in developing a strategy for the website’s revamp in cooperation with the selected company.
  • Question: Increasing traffic, shares, engagement, pageviews per session, etc. is important for ETUI. Are you open for long-term SEO & UX optimisation proposal, after website relaunch?
  • Answer: yes, we are open to discuss these proposals step by step.
  • Question: Do you prefer some technical solution? Drupal, Wordpress, TYPO3...?
  • Answer: The choice of a CMS should be developed by the bidder, we have staff who worked on Drupal, Wordpress and Typo3 before but not everyone is trained in all three solutions.
  • Question: Please list what scope of work is assumed by "website visual identity", mentioned in the RFP? Does it include redesign for logos or promotional materials (flyers, brochures, posters...)?
  • Answer: ETUI already has a visual identity (with logo, flyers, brochures,…), we are asking the bidder to adapt (or modernize) this existing identity for online content (with some flexibilities). No, you don't need to redesign logos, etc.
  • Question: Are you managing event registration via CiviCRM?
  • Answer: Yes, we are managing event registration via CiviCRM.
  • Question: Please list all data types that should be synchronised from CiviCRM into the website database. Also, data types to be synchronised from website into CiviCRM.
  • Answer: to be defined with the selected company.
  • Question: Based on Agile methodology, company X's approach is to actively involve the client during the conception phase of the project, which assumes online meetings at least once per week. Are you able to dedicate a contact person for such collaboration?
  • Answer: Yes
  • Question: Are you willing to share budget range for this project?
  • Answer: No
  • Question: What is the expected timeline for the project?
  • Answer: already answered, please consult our FAQ section here
  • Question: What is the average unique visitor volume and number of pages seen per visit today for
  • Answer: approx. 800 unique visitors and 1600 page views per day for
  • Question: What is the current hosting infrastructure? Is it the same environment hosting all the websites?
  • Answer: dedicated hosting in-house at the ETUC
  • Question: Platform sh could be an alternative provider on hosting. Would your team be able to manage platform sh?
  • Answer: no, pltaform sh is not a valid option
  • Question: How long does the hosting period should be included in the offer (1 year, more)? Our offer implies a 3 years minimum engagement, starting from around 30K euros a year. Is that close enough to your actual hosting contract?
  • Answer: 1 year renewable contract, we are not open to 3 years engagement
  • Question: Are the websites included in the revamp RFP strictly the following list mentioned ?
  • Answer: yes
  • Question: Would focusing on the + worker-participation revamp to Drupal 8 and just a design variation for the other 4 websites already in Drupal 7?
  • Answer: no, we need to revamp and update all websites and give a coherent structure
  • Question: What version of CiviCRM is currently used?
  • Answer: CiviCRM 5.13.4
  • Question: What are the contents you wish to migrate without any modification, especially from and (eZ 5.4)?
  • Answer: content to migrate will be selected by ETUI staff in cooperation with the selected bidder
  • Question: For the Compare tool "", can we focus on importing .csv files to update the datas?
  • Answer: yes, that's a possibility
  • Question: Are the moodle training and Etui training handling the same content? What is the volume of training content in Moodle only? How many trainings are given per year? How many subscriptions are done or requests received?
  • Answer: no, the moddle training and etui training are not the same content and is not expected to be the same. Moodle trainings are online courses for participants, etui trainings are for non-online courses for participants. We have approx. 3.000 participants per year following 5 types of trainings (key, thematic, language, online, seminars), 300 days online courses and 250 days of non-online courses.
  • Question: Considering the Moodle and Etui training content being the same, having a unique payment option would be our recommendation. Is the payment for training, event and publication a critical request? What are the volume of event and publications concerned? Would a service like Stripe be an acceptable option or do you have a mandatory PSP?
  • Answer: payment option is mainly used to sell publications. Most of the training courses are for free, very few are paid. A unique payment option is recommended. Stripe or any alternative is acceptable.
  • Question: Will a unique ETUI project manager be able to handle the requirements for all the websites?
  • Answer: yes
  • Question: How many people are contributing for each website? How many of them are working on multiple websites?
  • Answer: approx. 3 staff members per website are regularly managing the contents. 
  • Question: Will part or all of the content need rewriting?
  • Answer: no, rewriting is for the etui staff
  • Question: Will you need continuous SEO follow-up from an external team? If so, how long the SEO follow up period should be included in the offer (6 months, 1 year …)?
  • Answer: SEO follow-up for 1 year
  • Question: How long does the maintenance period should be included in the offer (1 year, more)?
  • Answer: 1 year renewable
  • Question:The extranet is understood to be a brand new website. Since the contents concerned are mainly from the website, can we consider the user account to be a part of the website or do you expect it to be a distinct website for specific reasons? 
  • Answer: The user account has to be part of (no distinct website)
  • Question: Regarding the e-shop, are there any particular solutions to integrate: gateways to a CRM, a subscription system, an invoice creation system ...
  • Answer: the main solution we want to integrate is the CiviCRM used by the ETUI, no need for an additional subscription system (already done via CiviCRM) and no need for an invoice creation system.
  • Question: About the SEA, do you want to achieve a digital strategy with paid ads (Google Adwords, Facebook, ...)? Or is SEO enough at first?
  • Answer: Optimally, we would like to have both as an option to be able to plan short-term (SEA) and long-term (SEO) digital communication strategy and measure the results but our primary approach is to improve our SEO position. 
  • Question: About the improvement of your social networks. Do you want a digital strategy for updating your social networks on a daily basis? Is there anything specific you'd need for that improvement?
  • Answer: Yes for a digital strategy for updating our social network on a daily basis. Anything specific: automation of topic-based newsletters shared on social media accounts.
  • Question: Would an SLA contract with a 99% guarantee be ok?
  • Answer: It depends on the content you leave for the remaining 1 % but the SLA contract is expected to be clear, effective and binding with details referring to the usual quality, availability, responsibilities of the parties during the mean time failures, repair and recovery. A draft SLA contract to be negotiated can be added to the tender proposal.