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Codes de conduite et accords-cadres internationaux

Isabelle Schömann (ETUI) De nouvelles formes de gouvernance au niveau de l'entreprise

Date de publication : 2008

Nombre de pages : 123

Auteur(s) :

André Sobczak, Eckhard Voss and Peter Wilke

In recent years, the rapid process of globalisation has triggered a political debate on international working and production standards, and the need for supranational structures and regulation. The adoption of corporate codes of conduct and international framework agreements (IFAs) is a reflection of the increasing global outreach and influence of multinational companies. This report analyses the impact of both these types of initiative on corporate practice and industrial relations.

The English version which was published by the Dublin Foundation can be downloaded here.

Collection: 106
ETUI, Brussels, ISBN 978-2-87452-128-7