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Industrial relations in Bulgaria

  • National trade union confederations
    • CITUBConfederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria
    • PODKREPAConfederation of Labour

The state of labour market reforms

  • Background summary (last update: August 2016)
    • Since 2011, the labour market policy of the various Bulgarian governments has concentrated on a number of key areas, such as flexibilisation, representation of the social partners’ organisations and training. However, those reforms could be qualified as relatively modest and minor. Read more.
  • ETUI publications related to labour reforms

The state of pension reforms

Strikes: latest developments and data

  • Background summary (last update: August 2016)
    • The right to strike in Bulgaria is stipulated in the Constitution and the labour legislation. Recent changes in the labour legislation will allow civil servants to strike and to negotiate CLA. Read more.

Latest EU Commission documents on Bulgaria