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Industrial relations in Hungary

  • National trade union confederations
    • LIGADemocratic League of Independent Trade Unions
    • MOSz National Federation of Workers' Councils
    • MASZSZ Hungarian Trade Union Confederation
    • SZEFForum for the Co-operation of Trade Unions
      (Szakszervezetek Egyuttmukodesi Foruma)
    • ÉSZTConfederation of Unions of Professionals
      (Értelmiségi Szakszervezeti Tömörülés)

The state of labour market reforms

  • Background summary (last update Sept. 2016)
    • The Hungarian government’s labour market policy, under the Conservative Fidesz government from 2010, has concentrated on the comprehensive reform of the Labour Code, public work programs and the law on civil servants. Read more.

The state of pension reforms

  • Background summary (last update Sept. 2016)
    • Characteristics of the Hungarian pension system and overview of recent pension reforms. Read more.

Strikes: latest developments and data

  • Background summary (last update Sept. 2016)
    • There is a constitutional right to strike in Hungary. The detailed rules are set out in ‘Act 7 of 1989’ on the right to strike. The significant amendment of the Strike Act in 2010 fundamentally changed the regulation of minimum services. This amendment can jeopardize this fundamental right and it was strongly opposed by trade unions. Read more.

Latest EU Commission documents for Hungary