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The ETUI's topical website provides a broad range of information on different aspects of industrial relations in Europe.

European industrial relations can be described as a kind of jigsaw puzzle, where specific features of national industrial relations interact with European elements such as European Works Councils. The website aims to help users see the “bigger picture”. It reflects the view that worker participation in Europe today is composed of several interlinking elements.

Industrial relations actors are increasingly dealing with cross-border issues of worker participation at different levels. The website seeks to meet the increasing need for accurate and easily accessible information by giving its users access to what is happening across Europe in the field of worker participation. It is aimed at employee representatives and their unions, employer representatives, academics, employees from political institutions, journalists, as well as the general public.

The website also seeks to give the concept of worker participation, as a specific European tool for combining economic with social goals, a home in the World Wide Web.

Information on the following topics is available on the site:

  • National Industrial Relations (available in EN, DE, FR)
  • European Works Councils (EWC)
  • European Company (SE) / European Cooperative Society (SCE)
  • European Information, Consultation & Participation Framework
  • Corporate Governance & EU Company Law
  • European Social Dialogue



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