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1 juin 2015

7th Annual TURI conference: 1&2 June 2015, Amsterdam

Kindly hosted by The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS) and De Burcht

Organised by the European Trade Union Institute in cooperation with the The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS) and The Scientific Bureau for the trade union movement 'De Burcht'

This year's annual gathering of the Trade Union related Institutes (TURI) took place in Amsterdam, co-organised by the ETUI and the two Dutch members of the network - AIAS and 'De Burcht'.

During the first morning of the conference the participants were able to enrich their knowledge of the industrial relations and social dialogue in the Netherlands and participated in a debate on the challenges for the trade unions in the Netherlands and Europe. The afternoon sessions were focused on issues such as inequality and trade union organising strategies. This year external speakers have been invited to feed the discussions with some new insights based on their current academic research.

The morning of the second day was devoted to alternatives to the economic and social policies put forward by the unions in different countries. At the end of the conference, the network members exchanged information on their current research projects and events.

Download here the presentations from the conference:

Industrial relations and social dialogue in the Netherlands – an introduction, Paul de Beer, Co-direcor AIAS and Scientific Director of ‘De Burcht’

Comments by Coen van der Veer, FNV

Trade unions’ round table: What are the challenges for the trade unions in Europe?

Caroline Rietbergen, FNV

Jan Cremers, AIAS

Bernadette Ségol, General Secretary ETUC


Income inequality and labour earnings in European Union countries, Wiemer Salverda, Professor of Labour Market and Inequality at the Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies

Wealth distribution and income inequality in Bulgaria: Trade union responses, Lyuben Tomev, ISTUR

Inequality of social development in the EU: the case of Lithuania, Boguslavas Gruzevskis, Lithuanian Social Research Centre

What strategies for increasing TU membership and improve organization?

New Pathways to the Labour Market, New Representation Strategies. The Case of the IG Metall., Hajo Holst, University of Osnabrück

Tactics and Tensions in UK Organising, Melanie Simms, University of Leicester

The cooperation agreement between the Norwegian Fellesforbundet and the Latvian Builders Trade Union: an unique example of a crossborder trade union cooperation, Line Eldring, FAFO

What alternatives to economic and social policy can or do unions propose? (including contrasting preferences and interests north and south EU)

Presentation of the ‘independent Annual Growth Survey’ report (iAGS), Andrew Watt, IMK

Alternative views on wages and economic development in Europe - results from the CAWIE project, Thorsten Schulten, WSI-HBS and Torsten Müller, ETUI

The alternative approach of the Greek trade unions to the crisis, Giorgos Argitis, INE-GSEE

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