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11 mai 2016

8th Annual TURI conference, 11-13 May, Sesimbra

This year's TURI conference organised by the ETUI in cooperation with the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra and the Instituto Ruben Rolo and with the kind support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Portugal and Montepio Geral – Associação Mutualista started with a trade union public event on 11 May in Lisbon. On 12 and 13 May the network discussed highly relevant topics such as the digitalisation of the labour market and the refugee crisis in Europe.


Wednesday, 11 May


António Tomás Correia, Montepio Geral – Associação Mutualista

Reinhard Naumann, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Manuel Carvalho da Silva, Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra

Industrial relations and social dialogue in Portugal

Elísio Estanque, Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (PPP to follow)

Fernando Gomes, Instituto Ruben Rolo (PPP to follow)

What are the main challenges for the trade unions in Portugal?

Arménio Carlos, General Secretary CGTP-IN

Catarina Tavares, International Secretary UGT-P

What are the main challenges for the trade unions in Europe?

Peter Scherrer, Deputy General Secretary ETUC

Thursday, 12 May

The impacts of digitalisation and robotisation on the labour market

Digitalisation of the economy and its impact on labour markets, Christophe Degryse ETUI (replaced by Jan Drahokoupil, ETUI)

Work in the digital economy: sorting the old from the new, Patricia Vendramin FTU

Digitalisation at work – the contradictory debate in Germany, Elke Ahlers WSI

Digitalization of low-wage services and social partner responses, Anna Ilsøe FAOS

Big Data revolution and its implications for Labor Market’s functioning, Marco Ricceri EURISPES

Approaching labour transformation associated to digital economy: some lessons from the Sharers & Workers Initiative, Odile Chagny IRES

Digital Change and social impact – research projects of AK, Fridolin Herkommer AK

From digitalisation to flexibilization of the labour market

The driving forces behind flexibilisation and the strategy of the unions (in the Netherlands), Paul De Beer DE BURCHT

Labour market flexibility and the European employment policy, Agnieszka Piasna ETUI

Friday, 13 May

The refugee crisis: responses from the trade unions

Refugees, right-wing populism and trade unions in Germany, Heiner Dribbusch WSI

The refugee situation and challenges for the Nordic model, Anne Britt Djuve FAFO

ETUC and the refugee crisis, Marco Cilento ETUC

Possibilities for common projects

Reforms Watch, ETUI

Download here the final agenda.

TURI conference Sesimbra agenda.pdf 214.84 kB

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