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Green competences for trade unionists

The ETUI's Green Competence Framework is a comprehensive approach that identifies five interrelated competences encompassing knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes required to live in, develop, and support a society that minimizes the impact of human activities on the environment. In autumn... Lire plus


Atelier pédagogique sur la “Conception de la formation”

Au cours de cet atelier, les participants exploreront les aspects théoriques et pratiques de la conception d'un programme de formation européen. Les modules de pré-cours en ligne, hébergés sur notre plateforme d'apprentissage dédiée, approfondiront les fondements théoriques, tandis que la partie... Lire plus


Securing workers' rights in an era of transition

The transition process is closely linked to and has an influence on traditional employment issues such as job security, unionisation, occupational safety and health, wages, gender equality, work hours, etc. Without guaranteeing strong workers' rights and protections in these employment issues, a... Lire plus

National organisations contacts

In this database, you will find the names and addresses of your national contact persons.