Artificial intelligence for global race or grand challenges?
Zoom, 14h-15h (CET)

AI Talks @ ETUI is a series of inspiring (online) conversations which focus on the different dimensions of AI - ethical, social, environmental, legal, technological - and their impact on the world of work.

Top experts from academia, civil society and online rights organizations, among others, will share their insights and knowledge about artificial intelligence, building a 360° view of how AI is disrupting and reshaping the world we live in.

Guest speaker: Inga Ulnicane, Senior Research Fellow, De Montfort University Download here the presentation

Dr. Inga Ulnicane is Senior Research Fellow at De Montfort University, UK. Her research interests focus on politics, policy and governance of science, technology and innovation. She has published on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Grand Challenges, European integration in research, and dual use. She has also prepared commissioned studies for the European Parliament and European Commission. She has a PhD form the Science, Technology and Policy Studies Department from University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Moderator: Aida Ponce Del Castillo, Senior researcher @ ETUI