We have the pleasure to invite you to a hybrid workshop organised by the ETUI in co-operation with the European Climate Foundation to discuss a new concept of the welfare state taking into account the climate crisis and looking beyond the growth paradigm. 

This event will be hosted on Zoom with a small number of speakers physically present in our studio in Brussels. 

The agenda can be found → here


Powerpoint presentation of Philippe Pochet  → here

Powerpoint presentation of Eloi Laurent Panel 1 → here 

Powerpoint presentation of Milena Büchs  here 

Powerpoint presentation Ian Gough → here 

Powerpoint presentation of Eloi Laurent Panel 3  here 

Powerpoint presentation of David Natali, Michele Raitano and Giulia Valenti →  here 

Powerpoint presentation Adeline Otto → here 

Powerpoint presentation Matteo Mandelli → here 

Powerpoint presentation Ana Casquete Diez → here 

Powerpoint presentation Christine Corlet Walker → here 

Conference papers

Download here the ETUI Working paper "From welfare to farewell. The European social-ecological state beyond economic growthby Eloi Laurent and his second contribution "Five Pathways Toward Health-Environment Policy in a Wellbeing Economy" → here and "Construire une protection sociale-écologique : le cas de la France face aux canicules" → here (forthcoming paper, only in French)

Conference paper by Ian Gough - preliminary version  here

Conference paper by David Natali, Michele Raitano and Giulia Valenti - preliminary version  here

"Welfare systems without economic growth: A review of the challenges and next steps for the field", Christine Corlet Walker, Angela Druckman and Tim Jackson

Find below some relevant publications by the speakers in the webinar: