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While climate change is posing unprecedented challenges to existing socio-economic models in Europe and beyond, the crisis of welfare systems based on growth, consumption and redistribution involves an in-depth rethinking of the role of labour law and industrial relations institutions in current and future societies. In contrast to siloed approaches that characterised the 20th-century industrial era, contemporary societal problems such as the consequences of climate change and climate policies on the world of work imply shifting the policy and regulation focus from a linear to a systemic type of intervention in which labour and environmental justice are pursued simultaneously.

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will bring together trade unionists, public opinions leaders, researchers and practitioners in the fields of labour law, industrial relations, and environmental law to discover the synergy between work and nature, the balance of labour and environmental sustainability, the intersection between labour law and environmental law, and much more.

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to develop a deeper understanding of the links between two normative fields of law: labour law and environmental law. More precisely, they will learn how environmental concerns could be reconciled with the ideas of justice in the world of work.

The MOOC teaching faculty includes senior researchers of the ETUI research team, as well as scholars from leading universities worldwide. Video lectures and relevant learning activities will be shared in the dedicated MOOC electronic platform.

The MOOC is scheduled to begin on January 8th, 2024 until February 18th.

Participation in the course is free and will primarily consist of asynchronous activities.

Enrolment for the course will open from October 23rd, 2023, and will close on December 3rd, 2023.

Please visit this page at the beginning of enrolment period for additional information.