AI talks @ ETUI
Zoom, 14h-15h (CET)

AI Talks @ ETUI is a series of inspiring (online) conversations which focus on the different dimensions of AI - ethical, social, environmental, legal, technological - and their impact on the world of work.

Top experts from academia, civil society and online rights organizations, among others, will share their insights and knowledge about artificial intelligence, building a 360° view of how AI is disrupting and reshaping the world we live in.

Guest speakers: Odile Chagny, Institute for Economic and Social Research (IRES), France and Nicolas Blanc, national delegate for digital issues for the CFE-CGC and expert for the GPAI and the OECD.AI Network

----> Have a look on the slide here and read the article Social dialogue, the bottom-up governance of AI

Moderator: Aida Ponce Del Castillo, Senior researcher @ ETUI 



More about the guest speakers:

Odile Chagny is economist. She initially focused on forecasting, foresight and public policy analysis, in several administrations and research centers (Ministry of Labour, Commissariat Général du Plan, OFCE, the Sciences-Po economic research and forecasting center). For the past fifteen years, she has been working for trade unions and workers representatives: at the Alpha Group consultancy firm and since 2014 at the Institut de Recherches Economiques et Sociales. She founded and co-moderates the Sharers & Workers network. Since 2015, Sharers & Workers is engaged in many European and national level projects and initiatives aiming to address the challenges posed by the development of platforms and AI, particularly in the area of social dialogue. She co-authored in 2020 a book on “uberisation” : “Désubériser, reprendre le controle”.

Nicolas Blanc is national delegate for digital Issues for the CFE-CGC, a French trade union, and expert for the GPAI and the OECD.AI Network