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Road transport is responsible for 19% of the GHG emissions of the EU, and, unlike in other sectors, its emissions have not decreased since 1990. The automotive industry represents one of Europe’s key competences and provides jobs to 14 million Europeans. A mobility revolution is inevitable and it is speeding up. The future of this key industry is at stake. The employment and social effects will be significant, and millions of jobs will be genuinely transformed, albeit with very different regional patterns. The automotive industry will be revolutionised, first due to electrification and then as a result of more diversified mobility services.

This hybrid conference will present the main results of the ECF-ETUI project "Future of the European automobile industry – is zero carbon with zero job loss possible?" which has explored the main characteristics of fast-track electrification and analysed its employment and social impacts at both European and regional levels.

hashtag: #NetZeroMobility


09.30 Welcome by Philippe Pochet (ETUI) and Pete Harrison (ECF)

09.40 Summary of the main findings, Bela Galgoczi (ETUI) Presentation

10.00 A European perspective of a fast-track transition to electromobility, Tommaso Pardi, Gerpisa (Paris) Presentation

10.30 The Battery race: what is at stake for Europe and what are the prospects? 
Wolfgang Schade/ Ines Haug, M-FIVE Consultancy (Karlsruhe) Presentation

11.00 China as market and competitor, Boy Lüthje, South China University (Guangzhou) Presentation

11.30 Panel discussion: Is the EU battery offensive a success story?

12.00 General dicussion

12:30-13:30 Lunch break

13.30 The French automobile industry between disruption and renewal, Sebastian Schulze-Marmeling, Syndex (France) Presentation

13.50 Main challenges for CEE locations at the example of Hungary, Andrea Szalavetz, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary) Presentation

14.10 Perspective of the IG Metall on the transformation of the German automobile industry, Christian Brunkhorst, IG Metall (Germany)

14.30 Discussion  

15.00 Policy roundtable with Benjamin Denis (IndustriAll), Alex Keynes (Transport & Environment) and Benjamin Krieger (CLEPA)

16.00 End of the event