Europe - New Guidelines on collective agreements for solo self-employed people

The European Commission has adopted Guidelines on the application of EU competition law to collective agreements regarding the working conditions of solo self-employed people. The Guidelines clarify when certain self-employed people can get together to negotiate collectively to improve their working conditions without breaching EU competition rules.

France - Airline to pay bonus and hike wages

Airline company Air France announced it would raise salaries for all staff categories by a total of 5% in anticipation of negotiations due next year, and pay its workforce a €1,000 bonus. The measures are part of the company's efforts to help workers cope with high inflation, the airline said. Wages will be increased by 2% in November, the company said, with a further 2.5%

Ireland - Pay rise for teachers 

Two teaching unions have voted to back the revised public sector pay deal. Primary-level union the National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO) – the country's largest teachers' union – said 80% of its members voted to accept it, while 85% of the membership of the post-primary Teachers' Union of Ireland (TUI) backed the deal. After intensive negotiations between the Government and unions, brokered by the Workplace Relations Commission, a staggered pay increase of 6.5% was recommended over the course of 18 months. The revised package will see a pay increase of 3% backdated to February 2, 2022; a further 2% from March 1, 2023; and an additional 1.5% or €750, whichever is the greater, from October 1, 2023.

Luxembourg - Tripartite agreement reached on Solidarity Pack

Trade unions are satisfied with the "Solidarity Pack 2.0”. The Solidarity Pack 2.0 will cost the state €1.1 billion. The aims of the agreement are slowing down inflation, assisting households and companies through specific measures, and favouring the digital and energy transition. Social partners managed to find "a joint solution".

Netherlands - Quick agreement in metal and electric industry

After only two rounds of negotiations an agreement for workers in the large metal and electric industry was concluded. If approved by the union members, this will apply to 150,000 employees. In addition to an additional 9% salary, the employers take over a monthly pension contribution of €60 from the employees during the term of the collective agreement, which is equivalent to a 2% pay rise on average. As of 1 December, wages will increase permanently by 5.5%. The salary for average employees will increase by at least 7.5% from 1 December 2022. After one year, another 3.5% will be added permanently on 1 January 2024. This brings the total salary increase to 11%. The new collective agreement will take effect on 1 December 2022 and will run until 31 May 2024.