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Sergio Fabbrini: Beyond disintegration: political and institutional prospects of the European Union

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Sotiria Theodoropoulou: What solidarity in the Eurozone after the Greek crisis of 2015?

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Anke Hassel and Bettina Wagner: The EU’s ‘migration crisis’: challenge, threat or opportunity?

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Denis Bouget and Bart Vanhercke: Tackling long-term unemployment in Europe through a Council Recommendation? .

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Aída Ponce Del Castillo: Occupational safety and health in the EU: back to basics

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Dalila Ghailani: Violations of fundamental rights: collateral damage of the Eurozone crisis?

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David Natali: Taking the bull by the horns: differentiation within the EU to save it?

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Cécile Barbier: The European Union in 2015: key events