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Béla Galgóczi and Calvin Allen

This second issue of the SEER Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe for 2022 focuses on ‘Fair taxation and the Euro’. Both issues are critical for the region and have an impact on a number of social and labour concerns that are central to the identity of the SEER Journal. The countries of the western Balkans belong to the group of low taxation countries with low progressivity. This undermines social cohesion and makes public investments in areas including education, health and infrastructure, all critical for the future wellbeing of economies and societies, extremely difficult. Two further articles within the focus topic address the most recent development of Croatia having joined the euro area while Bulgaria has been rejected. Eurozone accession is the final stage of EU integration, so the decision making process in this is indicative of the broader context of the EU’s enlargement strategy. This is why two articles on why and how Croatia’s application was accepted, and Bulgaria’s rejected, deliver further lessons for the entire region.

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  • Fair tax policies in the western Balkans: challenges and recommendations for a trade union agenda (Séverine Picard)
  • Discretion lets Croatia in the euro area in 2023,but leaves Bulgaria out (Zsolt Darvas)
  • It is not about Croatia and Bulgaria: it is about the fundamentals of membership of the euro area (Daniela Bobeva)
  • A transition delayed – the Romanian car industry in the slow lane to electromobility (Stefan Guga)
  • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on poverty among Syrian refugees in Turkey Denis Schulze
  • Reading Sarajevo City (Christophe Solioz)
  • Corruption in eastern European judicial systems and its effects on proceedings in other countries (Fabian Teichmann and Sonia Boticiu)

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