Training date

05/07/2023 - 07/07/2023
(9:00 - 17:00 - CET, Brussels time)

Brussels, Belgium

Synchronous learning happens in real time, based on a set class schedule and fixed login times. Asynchronous learning does not require a real-time interaction, instead the content is available online, on a platform, for participants to access when it best suits their schedules, and assignments are completed to deadlines.

The next edition of the ETUI “E-tutors training” focuses on asynchronous online education. It will take place, in presence, from 5 to 7 July 2023, in Brussels.

ETUI has set for online asynchronous learning for more than 6 years now, aiming at reaching a higher number of participants and providing them easy access to quality content. Its current online training offer covers different areas of trade union priorities, including English, Project Management, European Works Councils, EU, and more.

The past year, ETUI also invested in the development of an online tool that will be introduced during the training, an e-facilitation toolkit designed to help organisations develop online events. The Digital Facilitation Toolkit has been created with two purposes: to support the delivery of online capacity-building strategies and to shed light on the different dimensions playing a role when facilitating online.

In advance of attending the course, participants will interact with some example online course elements, and with each other, using ETUI’s online platform — this will take roughly three hours, which participants can schedule when they choose.


  • to get acquainted with the main differences between the pedagogy of asynchronous online courses and synchronous training activities;
  • to introduce the steps in designing, producing and running an asynchronous online course;
  • to outline the different kinds of asynchronous online learning activity and how they work.

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This course is intended for trade union trainers from ETUC affiliated Organizations with or without prior experience on online learning activities who are planning to develop asynchronous online courses.

How are enrolments processed?

A maximum of 12 participants can be accepted.

The final confirmation of the participants will be done by the team of trainers bearing in mind the requirements for the target group.

We ask you to bear in mind the recommendations of the ETUC Action Plan for women which call for the proportional representation of women in trade union activities. We also invite you to think about renewal and consider TU young members participation.