Training date

05/05/2022 - 19/01/2023
(9:00 - 17:00 - CET, Brussels time)

Deadline for registration
Online: Zoom. Face-to-face locations: see description.

This training offers a unique experience for women trade unionists. It has been developed in response not only to the ETUC action plan on gender equality by developing a leadership training programme for future leaders (see priority area 8), but also includes gender equality issues on the trade union agenda. The main aim of the training is to enhance the leadership potential of women trade unionists and to build their confidence and skills to encourage and develop the next generation of leaders.

Programme structure: 

  • Online Workshop 1 (5 May 2022)
  • Residential week 1, Oostende, Belgium (28-30 June 2022)
  • Distance work
  • Residential week 2, Madrid, Spain (21-23 September 2022)
  • Follow-up online workshop (19 January 2023)

Participants are required to actively participate in the entire course (composed of five sessions, two online activities and two residential weeks linked by a distance learning module) and be able to work in one of the active languages of the course.

Aims of the training: 
• share organisational cultures
• explore leadership styles
• help communicate more effectively
• practice teamworking
• identify forms of conflict resolution
• enhance negotiation skills
• build confidence and fulfil potential
• share the experience of experienced leaders
• learn from those working on gender equality in different environments
• inspire the creation of networks for exchanging knowledge and experience
• plan next steps for leadership development
• practice strategic foresight

Working languages: 
Active working languages will be English, German, Spanish. The interpretation facilities are strictly limited to these languages.

Recently elected or appointed women trade unionists, or those considering running for a leadership position, at regional/sectoral or national level.

How are enrolments processed?
We can accept a maximum of 20 participants. The final confirmation of the participants will be done by the team of trainers, bearing in mind the requirements for the target group.