The European Trade Union Institute is an international non-profit-making associa­tion (AISBL).

The highest governing body of the Institute, as set out in its statutes, is the General Assembly. It consists of all members of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and meets at least once a year to pursue the general aims of the Institute, including the appointment and dismissal of Management Committee members, amendments of the statutes and adoption of budgets and annual accounts.

The Management Committee is composed of 28 members of the ETUC, elected by the General Assembly. It meets at least twice a year. This management body represents the Institute and is vested with wide-ranging powers for the performance of all administrative acts and arrangements of relevance to the Institute, residual to those of the General Assembly.

The General Assembly and the Management Committee are both chaired by Wolfgang Katzian, President of the ETUC.

The Directors’ Committee is composed of Esther Lynch, General Secretary of the ETUC, XX, General Director of the ETUI, Bart Vanhercke, Director of the Research department, XX, Director of the Education department and Olga Barth, Administrative and Financial Manager of the Institute. This body deals with the daily activities of the Institute and prepares the documents to be approved by the Management Committee and the General Assembly.

The Work Programme of the ETUI is prepared annually. It is based on extensive consultation on a broad set of priorities with the ETUC secretariat and the Advisory Group of the ETUI. Within those priorities a draft work programme is worked out by the ETUI’s staff and approved by the Director’s Committee. This draft Work Programme is then proposed for approval by the Management Committee and finally adopted by the General Assembly.