greeningAs part of its top priorities, ETUI is working to improve its internal environmental footprint. This work is carried out by a dedicated team called ETUI Greening Team.

The ETUI Greening Team comprises several staff members, all volunteers, representing different departments. Since 2014, we follow the standards set by Bruxelles Environnement, in the framework of the Ecodynamic Enterprise Label. The objective is to ensure that ETUI staff and top management work together on three main pillars:

  • Reducing ETUI’s environmental footprint: this involves thinking about the products that ETUI purchases, their usefulness, origin and environmental footprint. For instance, ETUI prioritizes electrical appliances and products that have an A++ energy efficiency rating and respect the environment. Also, ETUI only hires catering companies whose menus include a local product, a seasonal vegetable, a vegetarian option and an organic ingredient.
  • Improving overall mobility: this involves highlighting the different transport modes that visitors can use to reach our offices in Brussels and our events across Europe.
  • Raising environmental and sustainability awareness: this is done by organising internal activities such as collecting and swapping second hand and reusable items; organising an annual “Spring Cleaning” of our offices; or by taking care that commuting by bicycle is done safely. The Greening Team also raises internal awareness about water use and biodiversity.

The ETUI Greening Team goes beyond ETUI by engaging with other organisations in the International Trade Union House building. The aim is to encourage them to adopt similar good practices and make a positive contribution to sustainability in the International Trade Union House.

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