Are manufactured nanomaterials used in your workplace?
  • Your employer is legally required to provide information on the specific substance used, like: titanium dioxide, nanosilver, carbon nanotubes, synthetic amorphous silica
What shape is the nanomaterial? What chemical is it made of?
1 dimension
2 dimension
3 dimension
Has your employer done a risk assessment on using the nanomaterial at your workplace?
  • Ask your employer for the Safety Data Sheet of the nanomaterial
  • Is the risk assessment complete?
  • What do you think is missing in the risk assessment?
  • Is the risk assessment useful to provide guidance on measures to prevent worker exposure?
Could nanomaterials be released when you are working?
  • As a powder
  • As part of a solution or mixture
  • As part of a nano-enabled product (e.g. sawing, sanding, cutting, grinding or using a product containing nanomaterials)
What activities do you perform?
  • How long are you exposed to the nanomaterial?
  • How are the nanomaterials stored?
  • How do you dispose of the nanomaterials?
What protective measures have been put in place?
  • Enclosed systems
  • Local exhaust ventilation
  • Personal protective equipment respiratory equipment
Has your employer introduced a medical surveillance system?
  • A worker exposure registry?
  • Regular medical check-ups or analyzing medical visits to identify health trends?
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