EU - Employee monitoring and surveillance

New digital technologies have expanded the possibilities of employee monitoring and surveillance, both in and outside the workplace. In the context of the increasing digitalisation of work, there are many issues related to employee monitoring that warrant the attention of policymakers. Based on input from the Network of Eurofound Correspondents, this report explores the regulatory approaches to workplace monitoring in Europe, and the many challenges arising from the use of new digital technologies.

France - Social partners strike national agreement on occupational health

The trade union and employer organizations struck an interprofessional agreement on occupational health. The agreement stipulates that efforts to ensure occupational health should focus on a preventive approach. The agreement also addresses the issue of funding and governance of prevention and occupational health instruments, as well as interconnection with local health services. The parties have until 8 January to validate the agreement, after consultation with their constituents.  

Ireland - Proposals for a two-year agreement in public service

Public service trade unions have negotiated a new two-year agreement which will now be considered by each union’s national executive and put out to ballot of all individual members. The national executive of the Fórsa trade union has already decided to recommend the agreement to its members. The two-year agreement will run from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022 and there will be a general pay increase of 1% or EUR 500, whichever is higher, in October of both years. In February 2022, an additional 1% will be available in sector bargaining funds.

Romania - First collective agreement in the finance sector

FinBan, the federation for financial services employers, and the FSAB, the federation of insurance and bank trade unions, signed the first collective agreement in the banking and finance sector. The sector trade union views the deal as a first step. It will apply to 26,000 employees at member financial services firms, from the leasing to loan companies. Under the agreement, which will be valid for two years, a minimum wage will be established at banks. the employer will cover half of the price of the course.

Sweden - New agreement for temporary staff

LO trade unions concluded a new agreement for staffing employees which secures important extra pension provisions for staffing employees and an increase of guarantee salaries by 5.02% from 1 May 2022. The agreement will run from 1 December 2020 to 30 April 2023.

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