Last week in Valletta, Malta, a group of 16 dedicated trainers from various trade union organisations across Europe attended the workshop on "ePortfolio building: from description to reflection" organised by ETUI. This course was a vital piece of the puzzle in their Eurotrainers' pathway.

The workshop, which took place September 26 to 28 at the Reggie Miller Foundation of GWU, prepared candidates of the Eurotrainers' pathway in the building of their ePortfolios, which are an effective and crucial tool in analysing and visualising learning pathways, and therefore an integral part of the Eurotrainers' pathway.

Throughout the workshop, participants delved into the Eurotrainers' accreditation process and the key elements of the ePortfolio framework, understanding its significance and benefits. They also explored the art of reflection and reflective practices, guided by presentations from experts like Marie-Christine Vermelle from Lille University. Hands-on activities, such as analyzing and deconstructing sample ePortfolios, equipped them for the building of their own ePortfolios. Participants also gained insights into various platforms and tools typically used for ePortfolio development. The highlight of the workshop was applying what they have learned by developing parts of their own ePortfolios and receiving valuable feedback from trainers and peers, and sharing experiences, reflections, and collective insights.

The workshop marked a significant milestone in the participants' journey towards becoming Eurotrainers. Reflection, as emphasized during the workshop, stands as a cornerstone competence for trainers. "We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience." (John Dewey) These newly acquired knowledge and skills are set to empower these trainers in their Eurotrainers' pathway.