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For the European Works Councils’ (EWC) training corner the year 2023 has started with the first edition of a joint EWC trainers and experts workshop in Leuven (Belgium). The focus of this training was on turning the EWC agreements into pedagogical sequences, ready to be used in EWC, SE WC and SNB trainings. As a result of this 2,5-days workshop the EWC corner of ETUI Education will produce a trainers’ briefing, covering the guidelines for EWC trainers on how to use EWC agreement analysis as a creative pedagogical tool, allowing to ‘invigorate’ those trainings when there is a lot of legal text involved. This specialized workshop has been very much appreciated and there is a clear need to have a continuation of this formula in the future.

Over the coming days we are going to focus on the two very important skill-based trainings: financial analysis as a tool for EWC and environmental transition-related terms and expressions which are essential for EWC reps.

In the meantime we are constantly delivering interesting trainings for EWCs and SE WCs and supporting several SNBs with advice and training. A lot is going on here so expect some nice brand new agreements in the near future.

The EWC trainers network will have its annual training later this month in Porto and the presential edition of the onboarding training for new EWC members will be held soon after that in Brussels.

On the top of this busy agenda, we are going to have another specialized workshop in March which we are very much looking forward to as the topic will be Human Rights Due Diligence Directive as an opportunity for EWCs. With the current legislative changes in this field this is a sensitive and important topic to tackle.

And please keep your fingers crossed for the vote on the EWC Directive Revision report, as it may bring some significant changes.