The ETUI Education Department announced in the ongoing Work Programme the adoption of a green competence framework approach to guide trade union training on climate change and sustainable development. 
Following this decision ETUI Education organized on 14 September a webinar entitled “The Practice of Green Competences.” This webinar aimed to share trade union’s projects or initiatives on green competences gained at the European, national or sectoral levels.
About 96 participants attended this webinar.  Asked to share their feedback at the end, many participants said they would recommend to their colleagues the ETUI green competence framework approach. Moreover, most of them would like to learn even more about it in the future.

So what’s next?

In the pipeline are two other webinars on “Pedagogical approaches for Green Competences.” They are planned for the first trimester of 2021. In these webinars, we will explore a series of pedagogical activities in use during training sessions that are specifically tailored to develop green competences.

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