Known as a forecasting technique, scenario building is a learning tool and instrument for constructive participation. The aim of working with scenarios is to enhance the integrity of our decisions and actions through placing them in a broader/longer context.

Following the training courses on strategical thinking and foresight, we organised a 3-day workshop on how to use the scenarios method in a foresight project. The workshop aimed at helping the participants to develop their capacities to write scenarios in a context of a foresight project. During the workshop, 13 participants were accompanied by the Sascha Meinert from IPA Berlin in the process of identifying uncertainties, risks and constraints which could be encountered in the future by the different trade union organisations represented in the room. They learned the method of crafting a narrative of different futures that may happen and practiced the scenario building method.

At the end the participants, accompanied by the expert, started to design plans for a possible application of a foresight project in their own organisation. An immediate result of the training was that two of the participatory organisations moved forward in building their own scenarios.

Organised in cooperation with the Foresight Unit of the ETUI, especially with Aida Ponce del Castillo, this activity is part of the training module intended to support trade union organisations in their effort to run foresight projects.