What should I do in a European Works Council (EWC)? What is the role of an EWC? How does the information and consultation rights work? These are some of the questions that new members of European works councils ask themselves. And sometimes they wait several months or even years before receiving training organised by their company.

This is why the EWC Training team from the ETUI Education department has designed a webinar on 24 and 25 February at which 40 new European Works Council members from different countries and different companies will be trained over a day and a half in order to facilitate their integration into their European Works Council. This training is based on theoretical presentations, group work and role play.

During this training, participants will be considered to be part of the same European Works Council and will have to get to know it and work together with interpreters. Will this experience find its audience? In fact, the invitation to all European Trade Union Federations and ETUC-affiliated confederations has exceeded our expectations. With just under a month to go before the webinar, we have received 140 registrations. So, to stay within the initial format of 40 participants, we have already scheduled three more webinars. Clearly, online training can be a useful tool for training workers' representatives who do not benefit from company-paid training or who would not come for face-to-face training in Brussels.

This success leads us to reflect on all possible forms of training to enable the greatest number of people to access the information necessary for their mandate.

Photo credits Rido