This document describes in detail the ETUI's main research and training priorities and projects for the working year 2020-2021.

The following five new priorities will guide all ETUI activities in 2020–2021:

  1. The social-ecological transition and the digital revolution, identified as the two key challenges for the world of work.
  2. The search for a new economic model which can reduce inequality and foster upward convergence while at the same time respecting the sustainability of the planet.
  3. The need for a renewed social contract which includes reduced working time, job quality, good wages, affordable and effective social protection, and adequate health and safety measures.
  4. Reinforced democracy at all levels, with a particular focus on workers’ participation, collective bargaining, industrial democracy and the various instruments for information and consultation.
  5. Stronger actors and trade union renewal, including new ways of organising and innovative strategic approaches.

The (European) Social Dialogue, as the ETUI's fundamental raison d'être, is relevant and instrumental to all five priorities and has therefore been mainstreamed and incorporated into each of the priority areas.

The new ETUI education strategy for the next four years has been developed following an inclusive methodology in which each internal and external stakeholder took an active role in the development process.

Table of contents

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