Mathieu Glowacki, Sébastien Gobert

Europe’s coal industries: not dead yet

Coal mines are not just found in history books. Although doomed to extinction due to their catastrophic impact on the environment, they remain a reality in several European countries. HesaMag wanted to see what work was like in a coal mine and get to know the views of trade unionists working in the... Find out more

Marianne De Troyer

When our work follows us into our dreams… or rather our nightmares

Attempts to improve working conditions apply unusual or even surprising approaches. This remarkable... Find out more

Pascal Marichalar

Fighting for the factory, only to die for it The exemplary fight of the former Givors glassworkers

French sociologist Pascal Marichalar recently published a noteworthy book on the mobilisation of... Find out more

Elsa Dorey, Ariane Puccini

Site remediation at the expense of workers’ health

After 50 years, the Lacq gas field in South-West France has run dry. Before quitting the industrial basin, its operator, Total, is legally... Find out more

Denis Grégoire

Recognition of occupational cancers: Belgian families’ fight for justice

For more than ten years, the Metalworkers’ Federation (a member of the Belgian Trade Union Confederation FGTB) has been supporting the... Find out more

'We didn’t know how dangerous it was.' Former DuPont workers invoke the responsibility of the chemicals giant

Dozens of former workers at the Lycra factory in the Netherlands have, with the support of their unions, engaged in a battle with the... Find out more

Workers at the root of a bill to introduce a health record

In Belgium, a former union representative has uncovered a cluster of cancers in a telephone plant closed 15 years earlier. The mobilisation... Find out more

A book to regalvanise occupational health

Last April, Editions La Découverte published a work entitled Les risques du travail or “The risks of work”, with the shock subtitle: Pour ne... Find out more