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Unwilful ignorance: attitudes to trade unions among Deliveroo riders in Belgium

This policy brief shows that only a small minority of Deliveroo riders in Belgium, who are predominantly male, young and students, hold... Find out more

Regulating uncertainty: variable work schedules and zero-hour work in EU employment policy

This policy brief considers what is the scope for addressing the challenges linked to irregular work schedules in EU social and employment... Find out more

Isabelle Daugareilh, Christophe Degryse, Philippe Pochet

The platform economy and social law: Key issues in comparative perspective

This Working Paper brings together two parallel but complementary approaches to the impact of the platform economy on working conditions and... Find out more

Work in the platform economy: Deliveroo riders in Belgium and the SMart arrangement

This paper presents a case study of the food delivery platform, Deliveroo, in Belgium in 2016-2018. The case offers insights on the nature... Find out more

Will trade unions survive in the platform economy? Emerging patterns of platform workers’ collective voice and representation in Europe

Via a non-exhaustive mapping of various examples in Western European countries, this Working Paper explores to what extent the collective... Find out more

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June 10, 2020

Denmark: pension reform

The latest old-age pension reform aims to create stronger incentives for postponing retirement and to improve the pension savings for... Find out more

June 10, 2020

Portugal: Early retirement at 60 with lengthy careers

After a long series of talks with the trade unions and the employers, the government published a decree on an early retirement scheme that... Find out more

June 10, 2020

Poland: Sunday trading ban approved in lower house

Polish trade union Solidarno?? came closer to a long-held desire as the Polish Parliament voted for a ban on Sunday trading. As a... Find out more

June 10, 2020

Malta: second pillar pension again on the political agenda

The Maltese government has announced the introduction of initiatives to encourage employers and workers to invest in voluntary private... Find out more

June 10, 2020

UK: What happens to EU-based workers’ rights?

One of the key concerns for the trade union movement is what will happen after the Brexit with workers’ rights that are currently enshrined... Find out more