This year's Benchmarking Working Europe report embarks upon a social stocktaking of the reaction to and impact of the financial, economic and social crisis as a means of feeding into the post-crisis and EU2020 debate. Among the questions addressed this year are the following:

  • What were the macro-economic developments and policy responses?
  • How has income developed in the crisis?
  • How have labour markets responded to the financial and economic crisis?
  • How have social partners reacted and what has been their role in preventing the recession from becoming a depression?
  • How can workers better participate in the efforts to emerge from crisis and move into the direction of a sustainable growth model?

The report provides evidence to question the underlying foundation of the current growth model and its emphasis on deregulation and labour cost cutting. It supports the claim that workers' rights should be rediscovered as a force for productivity and as a way of building a new model of economic progress in which fair wages and good working conditions constitute the basis for growth and employment dynamics.

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