The global economy is still struggling to emerge from the worst financial crisis and global recession since the Second World War. In this context, TUAC, ETUI, GURN and ITUC created a Task Force to define the parameters of a new growth model. This publication which is the initial result of its work, takes up the challenge of developing progressive alternatives to the failed neo-liberal model that has dominated economic policy for over three decades. It consists of contributions by more than 30 authors, all with links to the global labour movement, and a preface by Nobel Prize laureate Joseph Stiglitz.

The different chapters analyse the causes and implications of the crisis and propose alternative ways toward more equitable and sustainable models of growth. A comprehensive approach is taken and the topics addressed include: the need for a new approach to macroeconomic policy to promote strong and stable growth and high employment; developing alternative welfare measures to GDP; how to re-regulate financial markets so that they serve the real economy; a development model for the global South; a new approach to labour markets that ensures that they deliver decent jobs and promote greater equality; the need for a comprehensive set of policies to make economic activity ecologically sustainable.

An Italian version of the book containing selected contributions from the original publication together with some new articles on the Italian situation has been published by Sbilanciamoci! in cooperation with the ETUI. The publication entitled 'll lavoro in Europa' can be downloaded here.

The Russian translation of the book provided by the Pan European Regional Council (PERC) of ITUC can be downloaded here.

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Sortir de la crise : vers un modèle de croissance plus équitable et plus durable

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