This book investigates restructuring in the electronics industry and in particular the impact of a ‘Chinese’ labour regime on work and employment practices in the electronics assembly in Europe. It studies Foxconn, the world largest electronics manufacturing service provider and the main assembler of Apple's iPhone and iPad.

The authors examine in detail whether work and employment practices established in mainland China have been exported to factories in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey, and how these practices have been adapted to the social actors and institutional context of the European host country.

The book thus provides a basis for identifying challenges involved in organising workers and opportunities for improving working conditions in the electronics industry through labour representation.

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Peter Pawlicki: Chapter 1 - Re-focusing and re-shifting – the constant restructuring of global production networks in the electronics industry

Gijsbert van Liemt: Chapter 2 - Hon Hai/Foxconn: which way forward?

Chris Smith and Yu Zheng: Chapter 3 - Chinese MNCs’ globalization, work and employment

Marek ?an?k: Chapter 4 - Building the European centre in Czechia: Foxconn’s local integration in regional and global labour markets

Devi Sacchetto and Rutvica Andrijasevic: Chapter 5 - The case of Foxconn in Turkey: benefiting from free labour and anti-union policy

Irene Schipper: Chapter 6 - Electronic assembly in Hungary: how labour law fails to protect workers

Wolfgang Müller: Chapter 7- Foxconn economics: how much room for better pay and working conditions?

Vera Trappmann: Chapter 8 - Transnational organizing in Europe: a case study of a multinational company in the electronics sector

Ma?gorzata Maciejewska: Chapter 9 - 'Union busting is disgusting': labour conflicts at LG corporation in Poland

Jenny Chan, Ngai Pun and Mark Selden: Chapter 10 - Labour protests and trade union reforms in China

Ferruccio Gambino: Afterword - The early outsourcing of the electronics industry and its feeders

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