This book provides a detailed account of the innovative practices pursued by trade unions in Central and Eastern Europe since 2008. The book covers eleven post-socialist states that joined the EU in 2004, 2007 and 2013: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

It looks at these innovations and the drivers behind them, paying attention to the characteristics of the national/sectoral industrial relations institutions, the resources remaining at unions’ disposal and the role of union agency.

The book also assesses the sustainability and impact of innovative union initiatives on unions’ established roles and on their countries’ industrial relations systems.

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Table of contents

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Magdalena Bernaciak and Marta Kahancová: Introduction: innovation against all odds?

Lyuben Tomev: Innovative trade union practices in Bulgaria: a remedy for falling membership and declining institutional power?

Hrvoje Butkovi?: Innovative practices of Croatian trade unions: is there suffi cient ground for optimism?

Monika Martišková and Mária Sedláková: Reinventing the role of the Czech trade unions: halfway through the journey

Kairit Kall: Post-crisis innovation within Estonian private sector unions

Imre Szabó: Hungary: inertia of the old actors, constrained innovation from the new

Inga Blažien? and Boguslavas Gruževskis: Lithuanian trade unions: from survival skills to innovative solutions

Linda Romele: From politics to schools: innovative union practices in Latvia

Adam Mrozowicki and Ma?gorzata Maciejewska: Bricolage unionism. Unions’ innovative responses to the problems of precarious work in Poland

Aurora Trif and Victoria Stoiciu: Turning crisis into opportunity: innovation within the Romanian trade union movement

Marta Kahancová: From bargaining to advocacy: a trade-off between improved working conditions and trade union fragmentation in Slovakia

Barbara Samaluk: Innovative trade union practices addressing growing precarity characterised by rescaled governance and the shrinking welfare state: the case of Slovenia

Magdalena Bernaciak and Marta Kahancová: Conclusions

Appendix: Innovative union practices in Central-Eastern Europe – summary

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