Brian Bercusson was a leading European labour law academic and a true defender of European trade union and workers' rights. His critical analysis of European and national labour law developments have always been a source of precious support and a source of inspiration for the ETUI and the ETUC. As a legacy for future generations but also as the expression of the trade union’s heartfelt gratitude for his unstinting attachment to defending workers’ rights, the ETUI Experts Group has gathered a selection of the most important writings of Brian Bercusson on Labour Law and Social Europe. Ten chapters, each introduced by a member of the Experts Group, cover essential labour law issues which Brian Bercusson explored in his research: Institutional and legal framework, Collective industrial relations, the employment relationship, Workers’ participation, Economic freedom v. fundamental social rights, Discrimination and equality in employment, Health and Safety in respect of working time, conceptualization of European labour law, Globalisation and the future of the trade union movement.

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Table of contents

Table of contents


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