This book looks at the effects of changes in employment regulation on levels and forms of employment in nine EU countries (Spain, Italy, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, France, Denmark, and the UK). It demonstrates that reducing employment protection has brought neither labour market nor economic benefits. Moreover, post-crisis changes were accompanied by increases in precarious employment in those countries that were most enthusiastic in their deregulatory efforts.

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Martin Myant and Agnieszka Piasna: Introduction

Martin Myant and Laura Brandhuber: Chapter 1 - Uses and abuses of the OECD’s Employment Protection Legislation index in research and EU policy making

Jill Rubery and Agnieszka Piasna: Chapter 2 - Labour market segmentation and deregulation of employment protection in the EU

Rafael Muñoz-de-Bustillo and Fernando Esteve: Chapter 3 - The neverending story. Labour market deregulation and the performance of the Spanish labour market

Marta Fana, Dario Guarascio and Valeria Cirillo: Chapter 4 - The crisis and labour market reform in Italy: a regional analysis of the Jobs Act

Raul Eamets, Jaan Masso and Mari-Liis Altosaar: Chapter 5 - Estonian labour legislation and labour market developments during the Great Recession

Brian Fabo and Mária Sedláková: Chapter 6 - Impacts of the liberalisation and re-regulation of the labour market in Slovakia

Piotr Lewandowski and Iga Magda: Chapter 7 - Temporary employment, unemployment and employment protection legislation in Poland

Karen Jaehrling: Chapter 8 - The atypical and gendered ‘employment miracle’ in Germany: a result of employment protection reforms or long-term structural changes?

Tim Vlandas: Chapter 9 - Labour market performance and deregulation in France during and after the crisis

Bjarke Refslund, Stine Rasmussen and Ole H. Sørensen: Chapter 10 - Security and labour market flexibility: an alternative view from Denmark

Damian Grimshaw, Mat Johnson, Arjan Keizer and Jill Rubery: Chapter 11 - The governance of employment protection in the UK: how the state and employers are undermining decent standards

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