Publication date: 2001

For this second edition of Social developments in the European Union, we have singled out four social policy themes which, to our minds, reflect the main trends of the year 2000. The first is the outcome of the Lisbon summit, and more particularly its impact on the European Employment Strategy. The second subject is an unavoidable one: the Social Agenda, which - at least until its possible revision in 2003 - sets out the European Union's priorities in the social policy sphere. The third major theme is developments in respect of social security, in particular social exclusion and poverty on the one hand, and the future of retirement pensions on the other. The fourth and final section of this report relates to enlargement, which is posing more and more questions especially as concerns its social impact. Our last chapter is devoted to this future conundrum.

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General Introduction - Christophe Degryse and Philippe Pochet

Chapter 1 - The European Employment Strategy after Lisbon: from intention to strategy ? - Philippe Pochet and Christophe Degryse

Chapter 2 - The new European Social Agenda 2001-2006 - Philippe Pochet

Chapter 3 - Social protection - two areas of work in progress: poverty and exclusion, and pensions - Ramon Pena-Casas and Philippe Pochet

Chapter 4 - Is enough attention being accorded to the social dimension of enlargement ? - Caroline de la Porte