Publication date : 2003

The year 2002 saw a profusion of political debate about Europe. As far as "social Europe" is concerned, the proceedings of the European Convention, which began in February, fed into the reflection, discussion and often controversy about the nature and purpose of the Union on a daily basis. These debates made perfectly plain - especially during the second half of the year - the extent to which social issues are inseparable from political issues.

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Table of contents

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Table of contents

Preface - Rainer Hoffman, Lars Magnusson, Philippe Pochet and Christophe Degryse

Foreword - Christophe Degryse and Philippe Pochet

Chapter 1 - The European Convention: establishment and initial results in the field of economic results and social policy - Cécile Barbier

Chapter 2 - The European Employment Strategy at a crossroads - Philippe Pochet

Chapter 3 - Services of general interest in the Community: a mixed performance - Eric Van den Abeele

Chapter 4 - Health care on the European political agenda - Rita Baeten

Chapter 5 - Cross-industry social dialogue in 2002: a testing year - Christophe Degryse

Chapter 6 - The sectorial social dialogue in 2002: taking stock - Pierre Walthéry

Chapter 7 - Social policy case law of the Court of Justice in 2002 - Dalila Ghaliani

Chapter 8 - How relevant is the pensions OMC to the reform of pension systems in the EU Member States? - Caroline de la Porte

Future prospects - Christophe Degryse and Philippe Pochet

Chronology 2002 Key events in the European social policy - Christophe Degryse