Developments on the European level during 2006 were marked by two opposing trends in the form of a strengthening of European economic integration and inertia with regard to the development of Europe as a political project.

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Table of contents

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Table of contents

Preface - Maria Jepsen, Christophe Degryse, Lars Magnusson and Philippe Pochet

Foreword - Christophe Degryse and Philippe Pochet

Chapter 1 - Towards a proactive EU policy on fundamental rights - Olivier De Schutter

Chapter 2 - Restructuring in the European Union: recent developments (2005-2006) - Marie-Ange Moreau

Chapter 3 - Cross-industry social dialogue in 2006 - Christophe Degryse

Chapter 4 - Is health and safety policy being hijacked in the drive for competitiveness? - Laurent Vogel

Chapter 5 - Adoption of the Services Directive: a Community big bang or a velvet reform? - Éric Van den Abeele

Chapter 6 - Health and social services in the internal market - Rita Baeten

Chapter 7 - Watts , Richards , Adeneler and others: an overview of some judgments delivered by the European Court of Justice in 2006 - Dalila Ghailani

Future Prospects - Philippe Pochet and Christophe Degryse

Chronology 2006 Key events in European social policy - Christophe Degryse