The urgent problem of global warming was compounded, in 2008, by a proliferation of crises – food, financial, economic, social, etc – reinforcing the need for the European Union to play a stronger role in building a new model of development, both internationally and at home. This edition of “Social Developments in the EU” looks at the social policy issues that featured on the European agenda in 2008: working time, European Works Councils, social dialogue, the posting of workers, free movement of patients.

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Table of contents

Foreword by Christophe Degryse

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Table of contents


Chapter 5 - Review, revision or recast? The quest for an amended EWC Directive - Romuald Jagodzinski

chap5_Romuald Jagodzinski.pdf

Chapter 1 - The global food crisis and the EU: how to rescue a system that failed - Olivier De Schutter

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Chapter 2 - The social roots of the financial crisis: implications for Europe - Jacques Sapir

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Chapter 3 - Case study: the impact of climate change policies on the automotive industry - Patrick Loire and Jean-Jacques Paris

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Chapter 4 - The Social Agenda: is ‘hard law’ making a come-back? - Philippe Pochet and Christophe Degryse

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Chapter 6 - European social dialogue: collective autonomy at European level? - Isabelle Schömann


Chapter 7 - The proposal for a directive on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare - Rita Baeten

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Chapter 8 - Is the European Court of Justice moving towards specialisation in the social field? - Marie-Ange Moreau

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Chapter 9 - The Rüffert and Luxembourg cases: is the European social dimension in retreat? - Dalila Ghailani

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Chronology 2008 Key events in European social policy - Christophe Degryse

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Future prospects - Christophe Degryse

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Preface - Maria Jepsen, Philippe Pochet and Christophe Degryse


Full text

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