This collected volume aims to inform and advance the debate on how to achieve a more social and sustainable Europe. Its four chapters and a conclusion address the nature of Europe, the future of the European Union and the political and economic development of the continent. The book argues that strong and assertive trade unions are the most reliable representatives of working people; however they need to change and evolve in order to be able to combat Europe’s growing populism.

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Table of contents

Peter Scherrer: Foreword

Reinhard Kuhlmann and Peter Scherrer: Chapter 1 - Yes to more Europe – now!

Wolfgang Kowalsky: Chapter 2 - ‘More democracy at work’ or ‘more power for big corporations’ – which is the new paradigm?

Matthieu Méaulle: Chapter 3 - Profit, investment and inequality: a preliminary view

Juliane Bir: Chapter 4 - The European social dialogue

Peter Scherrer: Conclusions - More Europe – now! The role of Europe’s trade unions

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