The forthcoming Digital Services Act package (DSA) is a legislative initiative to regulate online digital platforms, including online marketplaces, social media platforms, search  engines, video gaming platforms and other information society services and internet service providers.

As the first major piece of legislation for the sector since the e-Commerce Directive of 2000, it will define what the internet will be for years to come and impact internet governance not only in Europe, but globally.

In addition to general rules applicable to all platforms, specific obligations will apply to ‘very large online platforms’ or ‘gatekeepers’.

The initiative comes at the right time: COVID-19 is making obvious how much citizens, workers, consumers and businesses depend on digital services and online digital platforms.

Online digital platforms enable web-based jobs or digital labour. This key aspect is not covered by the DSA package, it will be addressed through an ‘enhanced framework’ in 2021. Given the negative impact of platform work on labour conditions, security and worker protection, the DSA should not remain blind to the responsibilities platforms have towards the people they employ and leave this issue for later.

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