This ETUI-Education guide for trade union trainers is arranged in three sections: the first comprises practical training methods based on the experience gained by trainers at national and European level; the second describes theories and notions associated with sustainable development and provides well-balanced explanations of the main issues; and the third consists of a set of 8 information sheets covering some key issues in more detail (including CSR, REACH, IFAs and EMAS). The theory section describes how the notion of sustainable development has itself developed in recent decades and explains its main economic, social and environmental “dimensions” as defined in the Lisbon Agenda. The key issues are illustrated by a wealth of facts, figures, case studies and examples, several of which are portrayed in graphical or tabular form. The training section focuses on practical training activities that could be used by trade union trainers to give their target groups a clearer understanding of sustainable development and the key issues for the ETUC and European trade unions.

Table of contents

European trade unions and sustainable development

Syndicalisme européen et développement durable

Sindicalismo europeo y desarrollo sostenible