Version 4 The Handbook has been revised in 2009 to take account of recent developments in EU policy affecting lifelong learning and of the new online application forms and submission procedures.

This Handbook provides an introduction for trade unions to the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) which promotes and helps finance collaboration and cooperation in all fields of education and vocational training. The programme is a key plank of the Lisbon strategy and values knowledge of all kinds - practical, theoretical, technical, vocational and academic - as the basis for developing workers' qualifications and promoting their mobility within the labour market.
Following two sections devoted to the policy context and the structure of the LLP, the Handbook considers the opportunities provided for trade unions and offers practical advice on how to plan projects and prepare proposals for funding. The final section includes a bibliography and a glossary of specialised EU terminology.

Details of the Lifelong Learning Programme can be found on the website of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

Table of contents

LLL guide 2009

Guide LLL 2009