The aim of this publication is to explore the benefits of collaborating on projects with partners in other European countries; to introduce some basic skills for managing transnational projects; to demonstrate the need for fresh approaches in education and training; and to understand the role of the European Commission in supporting transnational initiatives in education and training. This seventh edition of the handbook has been revised to take account of the principal changes that have recently taken place in the European Union and of the ever-evolving experience of trade unions in working together on European projects. This edition of the handbook is downloadable and will be available initially in English and French. Thanks to assistance from national confederations, older editions are also available in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, Hungarian Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish (paper version only). This publication is regularly updated.

We are working on the 9th edition of the Handbook. The 9th edition, completely revised, will give an update of the EU and the ETUC policies on trade union policies ; give a full description of the new EU funding Programmes 2014-2020, following the rules of the new EU financial regulation.

Table of contents

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