Providing an insightful analysis of the key issues and significant trends relating to labour within the platform economy, this Modern Guide considers the existing comparative evidence covering all world regions. It also provides an in-depth look at digital labour platforms in their historical, economic and geographical contexts.

Highlighting the diversity of experience of platform work, case studies illustrate how general trends play out, both in online and location-based labour platforms, across the globe. Chapters illustrate a need for a post-pandemic regulatory requirement of digital labour platforms at different policy levels, whilst providing a general overview of key topics. Interlinking contributions with a global scope and coverage identify the challenges faced and offer thoughtful regulatory solutions.
This engaging book is an invaluable resource for academics of labour economics, legal and business studies and sociology. It will also benefit policymakers in social and political geography and political science looking for a deeper understanding of the topic.

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Table of contents

A Modern Guide To Labour and the Platform Economy - Introduction