Vera Šćepanović, Philippe Pochet

The past decade has not been easy for the European trade union movement, and the still ongoing COVID-19 crisis has only added urgency to some of the longstanding questions: how to cope with technological transformations and climate change, with ageing populations and generational fragmentation of the work experience, and, not least, with the pressures created but not addressed by the European regulatory interventions. But the year 2021 also brought a number of potential opportunities. The Porto ‘Social Summit’ in the summer confirmed the European Union’s commitment to social goals, and the launch of the Next Generation EU programme created space for national investment programmes that would be more attuned to the needs of working people and social justice in the forthcoming technological and green transitions. Read more...

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Co-editors: Philippe Pochet, Vera Šćepanović, Maarten Keune

Managing Editor: Marina Luttrell


Winner of the Transfer 2021 Young Scholar Award

EU Policy Debate

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Open Issue - Transfer - volume 27 Issue 4, November 2021