As part of its mission to connect academic research to the world of work Transfer tries to stay abreast of public and policy debates, and, where possible, to steer them towards subjects that are likely to preoccupy European trade unions in the coming years. This is well reflected in the three special issues of 2022, in which our editors chose to focus on the impact of COVID-19 on industrial relations, policies to deal with various forms of unemployment, and the challenges of reconceptualising the welfare state in the face of the climate transition. In our final issue of the year, however, we let ourselves be guided by the concerns of the authors who approach the journal with their submissions. This serves as a kind of compass that indicates where the field is heading and what types of issues most preoccupy industrial relations researchers. In 2022, we found that when the headwinds are blowing hardest, amidst the lingering health crisis, geopolitical turmoil and rapid technological change, the compass needle swings true north, towards the fundamental questions of workers’ rights and representation.

Vera Šćepanović and Philippe Pochet

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Co-editors: Philippe Pochet, Vera Šćepanović, Maarten Keune

Managing Editor: Marina Luttrell


Winner of the Young Scholar Award

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