Béla Galgóczi

This first issue of the SEER Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe for 2021 focuses on the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic across the region, with a view also to the role of the EU. When the SEER devoted an issue to the pandemic a year ago, the region was comparatively less affected than western Europe. Now that it is fully in the grip of a health crisis instigated by the pandemic, this issue takes a closer look, covering mostly Serbia and North Macedonia from different perspectives and taking into account the economic and social security points of view. A further article explores the multinational fashion industry and the situation of workers in shopping malls during the pandemic based on a case study and survey of workers’ opinions.

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  • ‘The skies are empty and the continent is overflowing with insoluble problems’ – The Covid-19 crisis in the western Balkans and the failure of the EU (Jens Becker and Ina Kulić)
  • The Republic of Serbia facing the challenge of pre- serving the health of citizens amidst falling economic activity and the need for credit (Snežana Aleksić)
  • The influence of Covid-19 on the field of social security – The example of the Republic of Serbia (Miodrag Komarčević, Petar Čelik and Ivan Arnautović)
  • Statesofemergencyandthelegalquestionsover human rights restrictions (Osman Kadriu)
  • Covid-19 implications and the realisation of labour rights in the Republic of North Macedonia (Tatjana Velkova and Temelko Risteski)
  • Working conditions and protective measures in multinational companies during the pandemic: The case of Inditex (Emirali Karadoğan)
  • The impact of EU conditionality policy on human rights and rule of law in the Western Balkans: An attempt at a methodology (Qerim Qerimi)
  • Catch your breath (Christophe Solioz)
  • The political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the fault lines set down in the Dayton Agreement (Slobodan Petrović)
  • The Dayton Agreement and social reform: Omne principium difficile est (Željko Mirjanić and Marko Šukalo)
  • Material deprivation and employment status in post-transition: Evidence from North Macedonia (Dimitar Nikoloski)

Table of contents